Top Gear Season 4

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Top Gear Season4 Episode01 (S04.E01)
Reviews: Lotus Exige • Rover CityRover • Aston Martin DB9
Challenges: Epic race: Aston Martin DB9 vs. TGV and Eurostar French fast trains – London to Monte Carlo • Apache Gunship helicopter vs. Lotus Exige – can the helicopter get missile lock?
Guest(s): Fay Ripley
Airdate: 9 May 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode02 (S04.E02)
Reviews: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren • Alfa Romeo 166 • Cadillac Escalade • Ford FAB-1
Challenges: A nun in a monster truck • Richard Hammond gets hypnotized
Guest(s): Paul McKenna
Airdate: 16 May 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode03 (S04.E03)
Reviews: Porsche 911 GT3 RS • Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale • 1968 Dodge Charger 440 R/T
Challenges: £100 car challenge. (Volvo 760 V6 GLE, Audi 80, Rover 416GTi)
Guest(s): Jordan
Airdate: 23 May 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode04 (S04.E04)
Reviews: Porsche Carrera GT • Audi A8 TDi V8 • Ford SportKa
Challenges: May and Hammond play 'car darts' • V8 Diesel Audi A8 endurance challenge (London to Edinburgh and back on one tank) • Ford SportKa vs. racing pigeons race • Evo vs. STi battle revised
Guest(s): Ronnie O'Sullivan
Airdate: 30 May 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode05 (S04.E05)
Reviews: MG ZT 260 • BMW 645Ci • Jaguar XK-R • Porsche 911 Carrera 2 • Vauxhall Astra • Mazda3 • Volkswagen Golf
Challenges: Shootout: Performance sport coupes on the Pendine Sands • Volkswagen Golf gets electrocuted (with Hammond in it)
Guest(s): Johnny Vaughan • Denise van Outen
Airdate: 6 June 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode06 (S04.E06)
Reviews: Renault Clio RenaultSport • Jaguar XJS • Cadillac CTS • Nissan Cube
Challenges: Can you run a car on poo? Hammond investigates
Guest(s): Sir Terry Wogan
Airdate: 13 June 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode07 (S04.E07)
Reviews: Spyker C8 Spyder • Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG • Renault Scénic • Ford C-Max
Challenges: Hammond and May road test mini MPVs as minicab drivers
Guest(s): Lionel Richie
Airdate: 11 July 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode08 (S04.E08)
Reviews: Ford GT • Maserati Quattroporte
Challenges: Diesel versus Petrol hot hatch race • Blowing over cars using Boeing 747 jetblast • Richard does a tribute for the Rover V8 engine
Guest(s): Martin Clunes
Airdate: 18 July 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode09 (S04.E09)
Reviews: Fiat Barchetta • Mercedes-Benz SL600 • Mazda MX-5 • Toyota MR2 • Jaguar X-Type Estate
Challenges: May and Hammond search for the best convertible roadster • Can you parachute into a moving car?
Guest(s): Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Airdate: 25 July 2004

Top Gear Season4 Episode10 (S04.E10)
Reviews: Peugeot 407 • Volvo V50 • BMW X3 • Chevrolet Corvette
Challenges: Hammond drives the Peugeot 407 as a pace car • Car Olympics: long jump
Guest(s): Patrick Kielty
Airdate: 1 August 2004